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5 Tips for improving your online dating success

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By Charles L. Jackson

Struggling with online dating? Not getting enough traction or interaction?

I’ve put together my top tips to improve your chances on gofishdating.com.


Seems self-evident, right? But you’d be amazed. Plenty of profiles are, well, dull. They have uninteresting photos, and plain text. People scan profiles at a hundred miles an hour. So yours has to stick out. And you do that by capturing the other person’s attention.


By ‘awesome’, I don’t mean an out-of-focus photo taken twenty years ago from a long way away. I mean ‘close up’, with a sharp look and maybe even a smile. Don’t put up a photo of your boat, or your dog. Yep, people do that. Your photo needs to be attention grabbing. So give it your best shot. Put on some good clothes. Make sure your photo shows you at your best.


Like your photo, your profile text should captivate people browsing your profile. Grab their attention by saying something unique and different. Something uniquely ‘you’. Something with a ‘wow’ factor. If you’re stuck for ideas, think about newspaper headlines. Or headlines of internet news sites. Headlines are there to grab your attention. Use them as inspiration. As for the text, try to be imaginative. Remember, the aim is to get someone visiting your profile to send you a message. They’re not going to do that if you just offer a dull summary of you and your life.


Plenty of dating sites give the impression that once you sign up, you’ll be meeting people all day every day. That’s not usually the case. Truth is, you’ve got to stick at it. And when you’re browsing other profiles, check out the ones that knock you out. And ask yourself, ‘Why is that?’ Because you might want to take on board their ideas, and adapt them for your own profile. Persisting also means sending lots of contact messages to other people on the site. On gofishdating.com, this is completely free. So you have no excuse! And finally, keep your expectations in check. Rome wasn’t built in a day. And you’re unlikely to find that dream date in your first week. So keep trying. Persistence pays off.


Upload a different photo every week or two. Change the text around sometimes. And see what happens. You’ll find that one of your photos will get more attention than the others. And that sometimes you might get people commenting about how funny or interesting your profile text is. Make a mental note of what works, and what doesn’t. And adjust your profile photo and text accordingly.

So there you have it. My five steps to improving your online dating success. I can’t guarantee results. But I can absolutely say for sure that doing all the above is a good start towards getting more connections on gofishdating.com.


Charles L. Jackson is a seasoned online dating consultant who has had his fair share of relationship roller coasters. Thankfully, he found somebody using an online dating site a few years back, after much persistence.