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Online Scammers: How They Work and How to Block Them

We hate ‘scammers’ as much as you do!

FYI, Scammers are people who use dating websites to contact people and then eventually extort money from them. Once a scammer makes contact, the usual method is the scammer ‘grooms’ the target person and gradually manipulates them into handing over money. They do this by lying and manipulation, by pretending to be someone they are not.


In this short article, we look at what scammers do, how to detect them, and what to do.


A scammer might pretend to be a U.S. serviceman, or a very attractive woman.  These are fake identities, using stolen photos. In reality, the scammer will probably be an individual (or group) from an impoverished African country - no matter what their profile says, or what they say in messages or emails.


The scammer will tell you a fake ‘sob story’ in order to get you handing over money: one of their family is sick (and needs money for treatment); they want to discharge from the military to be with you (but need money to do so), or they need you to ‘hold’ money for Nigerian royalty, but you have to pay a ‘fee’ first.


Thankfully, scammers are relatively rare on gofishdating.com. We have a number of secret security measures in place which block scammers in their tracks, many  before they can even sign-up. We also monitor suspicious activity on the site, and delete anyone who is not a genuine user.


But scammers sometimes get through our filters, and start using the site.
So please be vigilant for scammer behaviour.

Here’s our top tips:


  • Never, ever send money to another user of the site.
  • Be cautious about giving your email address or other contact information to someone you don’t know very well.
  • Look for any inconsistencies from people that contact you.
    For instance, if they say they are a lawyer in New York … how come their written English and spelling are so bad? Scammers typically have very poor English language skills.
  • If you suspect someone is a scammer – let us know by sending a message to us. You do that by sending a message to a user on the site called ‘admin’ (no quotes).
  • When viewing someone’s profile, you can also choose to ‘Block this User’, or ‘Report Abuse’ from the various links on the left-hand side of the page.