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How To page contains a variety of instructions on how to modify members profile settings to achieve better performance on this free dating website. At the moment we've added only a few instructions. More are coming soon..


How to Reset Password How to Add Components to the Profile
How to Create a New Profile How to Delete Profile
How to Send Messages How to Unsubscribe From Email Notifications
How to Embed Youtube Videos  


How to Reset Password:



How to Add Components to the Profile:




How to Create a New Profile:




How to Delete Profile:




How to Send Messages:



How to Unsubscribe From Email Notifications:


To unsubscribe from email notifications, do the following:


1) Log in GoFish Dating
2) Click Profile link
3) Click Settings link
4) Uncheck 'I'd like to receive email notifications' box
5) Click the Save Changes button.

The above steps will only unsubscribe you from receiving announcements. You will still receive system notifications, including messages from other members, or reset password request messages.



How to Embed Youtube Videos: