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Free Dateing: What To Look For

by Charles L. Jackson


If you do an online search using the phrase, 'free dateing', then you're most likely someone who is looking for a website that offers dating services at no charge or cost - it is 'free'.

There are many such sites on the web - some are good, some bad. So a key question is: how do you pick a good one?

The answer is a mixture of common sense, and maybe doing a bit of research. And by the end of this short article, I hope you'll have a better sense of how to pick a good free dateing site that's right for you.

A good site will offer a range of functions and features that are useful to you when you register. These include the ability to search, including advanced search, and the ability to narrow your search to just a few parameters such as geographic location, height, eye colour, and so on.

A poor site - on the other hand - will be littered with advertising, and have few features. A poor dateing site will also probably have a slow page load, unclear navigation, and be be generally unreliable and frustrating to use.

No-cost or free dateing sites are usually run on a very limited budget - so don't expect the full set of features you're more likely to find on a site which charge you money to use.

A good site will be easy to use - you'll be able to find and use all the key features easily. It should also work well on a range of mobile devices, such as smart phones and tablets.

And lastly, a good free dateing site should be 'secure'. That is, it pays attention to security - the site owners should have strict policies about 'scammers' and getting unwanted users off the site.

A poor site is often one where scammers and dodgy people can operate with impunity - on these sites you're more likely to receive unwanted message, and unwanted 'spam' messages and notifications.

In summary, then, we recommend you check out no-cost dating sites (such as this one), as they are a great way to get into the online dating game at no expense. With a bit of persistence, you're bound to meet some interesting people online using these sites!