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Five Ways to Improve Your Dating Profile


By Charles L. Jackson

In previous articles, I’ve given you a few tips about ways to improve your online dating success - by adding humor, good photos, and engaging profile text.


This time, I’m going to take a closer look at the text - what you say about yourself on your gofishdating.com profile. 


I have five ideas for you, that will help you turn your profile text from ‘average’ to ‘amazing’. 


1. Ask a friend

Find someone you trust and ask them to review your profile on gofishdating.com.

Let them know you’d really appreciate some honesty!


Ask your friend to imagine they’re browsing profiles on the site. You want your profile to stand out, right? You want to attract attention. Does your profile do that currently?


Take your friend’s feedback seriously, then make the necessary changes. It might be simply correcting some spelling mistakes, or adding information about you that you thought was not important. 


2. Add humor

Humor is a universal ‘language’. People like to laugh, and if you can make someone laugh (in a good way) when they view your profile, your chances of getting contacted by that person increase dramatically.


The main thing is to not have tasteless or offensive humor. Don’t be sexist or racist in your attempt to be funny. Better to find some jokes online, and maybe use some lines from your favourite funny movies or TV shows.


3. Make it engaging

What does ‘engaging’ mean, exactly? Well, it means ‘interesting’, something that immediately catches the viewers’ eye, in much the same way as a fascinating news story on television or the internet does. 


You can apply these principles by saying something unusual, funny or interesting about yourself.


For example, your profile’s heading might be ‘looking to meet interesting girl in Texas’ currently. A bit bland. Why not something more interesting.


Like, ‘Pizza-loving cowboy looking to share their excellent life with a delightful princess’. Something along those lines will get more interest.


4. Keep it short

People don’t like to read long chunks of text. So keep it short, keep it concise. And like a good mystery thriller, if you can make the reader want to ‘learn more’, then all the better. 


Adding this bit of enticement can really help attract a message from someone who’s viewed your profile.


For instance, you could end your profile text with, ‘and I have a vast collection of vintage … oh I can’t tell you about those just yet. You’ll have to contact me.’


5. Be real

Your profile text shouldn’t sound bland and just like every other profile. People love uniqueness. Maybe you’re quirky, or have a fascinating passion or interest. Talk about it! Mention whatever it is that makes you unique.


It doesn’t have to be complicated. Maybe you just love a certain kind of donut? Or a special drink, bar, restaurant or TV show. Mention these things to set you aside from all the other boring and bland profiles that don’t get any interest.


If you come across as a real person, you’re much more likely to get others interested in you. The opposite will be true if your profile text is simply a re-hash of bland statements that appear on dozens of other profiles.


Things like, ‘looking for a nice man’, or ‘tell you later’ are just dull. Make things lively, stimulating and engaging. And you do that by being real, being yourself and presenting yourself in an interesting way.