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Who owns this free dating site GoFish Dating?

GoFish Dating is owned by PixelTraders Group Pty Ltd, an independent media company committed to delivering great online dating solutions.


What is this site's policy regarding 'scammers'?

Zero tolerance.


What are 'scammers'?

Scammers are people who use dating sites to extort money from other users. Initially, they can seem like a genuine user of a dating site, but they will eventually ask you for money.

We will shortly be putting up a special page on this site to provide you with more complete information about scammers - what they do, and how to avoid them.

The vast majority of GoFish Dating members are genuine people looking for love, relationship, friendship and romance. A small minority are not genuine, and some of these will be scammers. We are doing our best to remove these people from our site.

I think someone on GoFish Dating is a scammer - what can I do?

You can report them to the site administrator. To do this, make sure you are logged-in. Then go to the User Profile page and click Report Abuse on the left side. When Report Abuse page opens up, tell us about the possible scammer in the space provided.

Remember to include as much information as you remembers, so that we can make a right decision.

If there is strong evidence that they are scammers - their profile will be immediately removed from GoFish Dating.

What measures has GoFish Dating taken to stop scammers using the site?
We have many security measures in place - we block certain countries from using the site, we use custom IP-filtering services, and we have disabled 'cut and paste'. Scammers will often send out hundreds of messages, all exactly the same. Disabling cut and paste helps to prevent this happening.