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my features are my eyes and my smile, i smile always even when am a little down


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6' 2" - 188cm

183 lbs - 83 kg



Light Brown




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My name is Ferdinand williams and am 57 years old, Am calm, fun loving and very active. My hobbies include horse riding, biking, reading and camping out. i grow up in Maryland New York where i was born and i have a son who is just 14. Am a widow and i intend finding a partner here if i can. I believes that we’re not prefect and do have flaws during our life time; we have good and bad sides (hopefully more goods than bad) within us. But importantly to embraces the good, and accept the bad with willingness to improve it defects to better our life with ourselves/loves ones. Willing to learn from yesterday, living for today with allowing preparation of tomorrow improvement to fulfill our happiness with loves ones. Materialistic is not the most important factor in life, but the inner qualities and spiritual growth are essentials to every day’s happiness. Beauty is skin deep. A picture is worth a 1000 words, but a 1000 words isn't enough to describe the person behind it. Therefore, I am more interested in knowing a person inside out rather outside in. communication is a life learning tool to finds/collects common vigor foundation in any relationship.

i would like to find a caring and loving lady, one who i can trust and who would trust me in return. I am ready to move just to find happiness, i also seek a woman who is friendly with kids. I have a son so she has to be comfortable with that. i would like to travel and see the world with her, she can have her own hobbies. Looking for a mature, average wholesome/humble woman who can warm my heart again. someone that give lots of tenderness loving cares and understanding, Someone who doesn’t judge others by their outer/past experience, and accept them who they are in the present and go forward to the future together. A special someone who have the other ½ of golden heart to shares my faith, common interests, and has room for improvement in our future together. I'm looking for a woman who is self-confident in herself, knows where she came from, she have learned from the past & present which will direct her to the path where it will benefit his love ones in the future. In another words, I'm looking for a woman who knows her own soul/roots, when we talks I can imagining/feels her inner thoughts, hoping to be able to foresee our souls can be twisted into one, to build a strong foundation of forever lasting relationship of happiness, etc. Also to believe that distance cannot keep us apart, but in virtual simplicity of faithful/trust will not detach us, it will bring us closer then ever, and no bad temptations will break us. In general info My main focus is on your inner qualities and your ambitions toward the future, how our friendship can grow/share bad/good habits together Its good to meet decent friend(s), let's us be friend, whose know where it life will take us.

Sport, Nature