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looking for a serious relationship


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5' 5" - 165cm

88 lbs - 40 kg



Light Blonde




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I am a serious person who is looking for a serious relationship. I enjoy going out to dinner. I love traveling and I have been around the world. I love cooking and family. I trying new things. I believe in helping people. I am spiritual

As a woman, I can always find little things I would like to be better in my appearance, but my friends all think I am very attractive... I am more concerned that I glow from the inside out and that the first thing you notice about me is my heart, and my eyes, the window to my soul. I am a hopeless romantic.. I believe in Prince Charming, I believe in falling in love forever after, I believe in wishing upon stars, I believe in rainbows and magic, I believe in knowing with the first kiss... I am also very persistent. I do not give up

I am looking for a serious relationship with a compassionate , serious man, who is loyal. I person we can together build a great life

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