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I'm not here for game


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5' 1" - 155cm

134 lbs - 61 kg



Light Blonde




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I love to laugh, a lot, and I believe it's what makes the world go round. I whole-heartedly indulge in a good laugh several times a day and my friends tell me that it's one of the most joyful noises they have ever heard such nice friends I have!.. My life is a happy one filled with daily joys and wonders. I'm fortunate to have many solid, caring relationships with friends and family, jobs I love, and interesting outside activities to keep me lighthearted and hopeful. I don't carry around a bunch of negativity and don't readily embrace those who do; I simply see no need to live that way. So, leave your baggage at the door, please. I'm a very focused person and know what I want and need in life, but I'm still, certainly, learning everyday.

I hope to find a man who shares my passion not only for laughter, but life itself. Who's willing to build a future with me, beside me - not in front of me, behind me, or around me. With me. You must have a willingness to grow continuously, embrace introspection, and love everything you learn every day. I like a man who holds the door and offers to help me carry something when my hands are full both literally and figuratively, who thinks of me before I even do, who will sit in the stillness with me and find it to be a perfect moment. I'm an appreciative and grateful woman and respectfully request the same of others. You get what you give, no?

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