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looking for someone who loves and seek thrills just like me


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5' 7" - 170cm

130 lbs - 59 kg



Light Blonde




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I am looking for a man that is as tired of playing games as I am. The past several relationships that I have been in move along fine to a certain point.It seems like once you near that serious commitment stage that people tend to turn tail and run. This is what has happened to me. People say they want a serious committed relationship but when you get to that point, they bail out.The man I am looking for should know what he wants and be very good in communicating. he should be good at expressing his opinions and feelings to his mate as well as be good at listening. Communication is very important in a relationship . Also, he should be able to put his relationship first as it should be the one of the most important things in his life..You can add me up on

I believe that communication, respect and a little fire are the essentials for a great relationship- someone that understands that I'm not looking for someone to complete me, I already am. I'm looking for honest caring gentleman, love some of those old fashioned values. I believe chivalrous men are still out there. I want the one that turns into my best friend that I can't stay mad at very long because he makes me laugh. Someone that pushes me to be my best and I can cheer him on too. A laidback man that enjoys slowing down, relaxing but can keep up with my energy when I'm in "go mode." Most importantly, someone that I can relax with and totally be myself...isn't that what we all want?

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