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I don't give much regards to physical appearance as long as my man LOVES me


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5' 4" - 163cm

119 lbs - 54 kg



Light Blonde


Only in company


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I think It's always easy to describe yourself to a person and tell them your interests until it comes down to be real! Yes I have a silly handle - but please don't mistake the intention. I only mean the physical side of things has been lacking in my life, BUT much more than that, what I REALLY missing MORE is simply the intimacy of being able to have a serious man who will be honest with me, and me with him. Someone who is willing to share my time, and my life, - up to the extent of sharing my bed, or simply just spending time with me doing things lovers do; stuff I'm told is called "Living Life" and a "Happy Home".

Firstly, as I am genuinely wanting to meet someone from this site, and fully intend to follow through and meet you if we arrange to meet, then ALL I ASK is that I get NO mind-games or dishonesty from any men.......I don't dish it out so I don't accept it back from anyone anywhere. So - What kind of man do I want to meet through this site? I don't much care what other languages you can speak, as long as we can communicate at least reasonably in English. I guess, in essence, all I'm looking for is an intelligent, witty, GENUINE man who likes to laugh at the silly things in life, is passionate about something - at least one thing - in life, who has a pleasant proportionate body, and is happy in it, is happy with his life, or can at least deal with his baggage.

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