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I am looking for real and honest relationship


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5' 8" - 173cm

143 lbs - 65 kg







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I am very positive, aware, honest, loyal, kind, considerate, funny and on occasion quite cheeky. Life should be fun, full of smiles, laughter and happiness. I don't believe in worrying about, or spending time on things that haven't happened yet, that's a waste of good energy, but once they have, I wont procrastinate either !!!

I am easy going. I enjoy and will have a go at most things. On the activity front, walks, boating, fishing, gym - my thinking time, tennis, squash, football, travel, plus others. I am looking forward to being introduced to things I perhaps haven't experienced or done yet, but I do draw the line at jumping out of a plane. I will be only too glad to cheer you on......from the ground. lol

It goes without saying, that I enjoy sharing quality time with my Family, Friends and my Son. I am great with kids and even good with "In Laws". lol

I am very "aware" of those around me and what I can do to improve their "lot", in life. That doesn't necessarily have to be something big either, a smile, a kind gesture or calling a kid "champ".

I'm a bit of a "Traditionalist", I will open doors for you, pick up the "tab" let you have the umbrella throw my jacket over the puddles and surprise you on a lots of occasions perhaps with flowers or !?!?

I will hold your hand and show affection to you in public, without making those around us reach for a bucket. One of the things I miss most is "cuddling", I'm a firm believer that all arguments should be had whilst, cuddling. Think about it !!!

I pride myself on giving the woman in my life and those close to her, more thought than the average "Joe Bloke", actually does. I will make you feel "Special".

I have a kind soul and a big heart.

She can be different, but never dishonest; she can be sometimes weak, but never aggressive. I see her walking with a smile on her face holding my hand tenderly and kissing my lips with desire and passion. I know she is attentive and responsible, life-loving and active and she is not afraid of sharing her doubts and fears with me. I want to talk or stay silent with her for hours and to share warmth of our bodies and souls for eternity.

Sport, Music, Movies, Nature