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Looking for someone to love.


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5' 11" - 180cm

176 lbs - 80 kg





Only in company


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We both have been around the block a few times. I just want one more last a lifetime. If I didn't believe the best is yet to come and if you didn't believe that also, we wouldn't be here, would we? Our timing in life has not been what we would call ideal to this point, but maybe everything we have gone through has led us to this point in time: OUR TIME! I am the man your mother wants for you!! I was taught and believe that God's greatest creation is a Woman and she needs to be treated as the greatest creation, Not controlled or dominated kept barefoot in the kitchen, but respected and honored and that she always gets her way, because she is going to anyway. I am seeking a friendship that could lead to more, I would like to get to know someone, develop a friendship and hopefully live the rest of our lives together, a best friend and lover, to grow old with and spend quality time with. I'm told I'm a good listener but I like to also participate in the conversation. I'm told I am kind but not a pushover. I have been told I am intelligent, articulate and witty. My search in life is for peace, harmony, balance and a like-minded companion to share that with. I like new experiences and travels. I have traveled to several countries worldwide for work and leisure respectively and have enjoyed learning different cultures. I am always learning something new.I would like to find someone who likes to try new restaurants, explore country roads, dancing, find hidden adventures and to have fun together by trying out new things, lets be a teenager again, To me life is about experiences and people not about material possessions.Like most of us I have hit a few snags in life but feel I have always learned something from them and have become a better, more well-rounded person because of them.I enjoy many kinds of music and tend to have eclectic tastes but classic rock is fine always, romantic songs are great, I am open to whatever makes sense you know. I also enjoy movies, theater, dancing, outdoors when the weather is not so hot, bike riding, etc

Someone honest, With a good heart, Caring, Genuine, Humble, Not afraid to speak her opinion. Some one who is willing and ready to love.

Sport, Movies, Nature, Adventures