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Once you pop, you just can’t stop


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5' 9" - 175cm

178 lbs - 81 kg





Only in company


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I believe everyone should have a special someone to be with. Who will smile and share happiness when things are good and to put their arms around you and whisper reassuring words when the going gets tough. That someone will share the simple pleasures in life with you, a walk on a beach, a glass of wine in the garden or a shared meal, they will build dreams with you and then help to make the dreams a reality- too much to ask... I don't think so xxx

I want to get to know you, talk about what you like and dislike and would love to tell you my side as well. Maybe over a bottle of red wine, cup of chocolate, or while walking in the woods or along the beach. I'm adventurous, quick-witted and love to laugh. I will talk to almost anyone anywhere but one on one i'm a bit shy, I blush. A sunset will mesmerize me. I'm a trivia freak. Learning new things really excites me. Cooking with someone special is so wonderful, want to join me in the kitchen?

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