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4' 11" - 150cm

99 lbs - 45 kg



Light Blonde


Only in company


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I am ANASTASIA Nikolaeva a 35yrs Young Active Lady with a lot of Ambitions, i am a Native Russian and living Here in the USA , i am Very Sound Minded, a Hard working Person whom i do live a Better life by mine Good working Abilities and through Mine
Educational and Professional Skills i did Acquire After mine Years of Toiling so Much in
Achieving Good Certificate and Better Cvs And Even now Studying in Pursuing Mine
Professional Post Graduate Degree Program.

i am Result Crazy Person and Very Opened Minded Person,i am also Sociable who will like to hear Anything Good both in and the Outside World that can Help in Moving Forward in life.I Have Experienced its and i have also Got things clear that Indeed Behind Every Successful Man Comes a lady, and also Life becomes very much Better when a Man and a Woman Settles Down in Living together and having Kids and Raising their Own Family.

And since its Pays for a Woman to have a Good Gentleman in life, its Indeed Good to Have a T Search very well in Choosing a Good Man, Because a Blessed Marriage is Better of Having Only One True and Sincere Partner in life in Living and Raising your Kids with ,And it is for this Reason i Decided to Patiently Fix mine Self in a form of a Profile in Looking up on here in Meeting a Man whom i can by the Help of God Choose as mine Only Soul Mate in life, a Man Who is Seriously on Here looking for a Whom he can Live his life with, a Man with a Good and Patient Character whom i can be with him as the Saying Goes for Better and For very Worse Moment in life.

In Fact i am on Here looking for a Good man i can Call Mine Husband to be in life, Mine Beloved,a Man who is ready to Render me Love Caring so i can also be with him all mine Entire life in order for us to have Kids and Raise them together.I Dont Mind if i am to have a Man Outside mine Country because i love to Meet Mine lucky loving Beloved Man from any Part of the World or Country he May come from, so far as he also Likes me and he is Serious and Ready to Dedicate his love for and will want to be with me in all His Entire life i am also ever Ready to be with him. I am a kind of Woman who wants to be Close to his Man, and Share ideas and also have Personal Discussions with Him and i also love to Share whatever i have and whatever i do get with mine Man.

Computers, Music, Movies, Nature, Chat, Adventures