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4' 4" - 132cm

93 lbs - 42 kg







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I am a lot of virtues and defects, as a every human being, but in simple words: Spiritual, loyal, intelectual, curious, funny, strong am looking for long team relationship with a man who is so caring
I'm very down to earth and hoping to meet someone likewise. I like to play in the dirt but I clean up well too! I look forward to new adventures and meeting people. A kind gesture with people goes a long way & I appreciate honesty. & hearing about your day as long as you reach over & touch me!

A man that wants to spend some time with me & have the patience to teach me things about his world that I may not be familiar with. Somebody to laugh endlessly & share quality time with! Just some of your time guys.... not all of it..
A man that stands strong & confident & doesn't let anybody knock him off his feet! I’m from Missouri.. I’m a little onery here & there & I have a tender heart but I like a man that can tell you when you’re being anything short of yourself. Men, women get out of line too, it’s ok to give gentle reminders & corral them back in! Guys, give us a hug & tell us it’ll be Ok... you can’t imagine the overall response you’ll get & the points! Lol