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My relationship with the Lord is the foundation of my life.


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5' 10" - 178cm

178 lbs - 81 kg





Only in company


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Clearly I am on a journey of continuing growth. While it is true that I am a busy person in my life, companionship can be good. Friendship and conversation is a great place to start. My interest is with a single,divorced or widowed dear Lady. Communication is vital and actions often say more than words. I also know that you can't be responsible for my happiness or visa versa. We can support each other's hopes, dreams, wants, needs and happiness.
I am not a millionaire (or anywhere near), I feel successful in terms of my contributions to others....I am honest, straight forward and willing to share. I am no different here than in real life. I accept people as they are and expect the same. Courtesy, respect and honesty are important to me - I treat others as I prefer to be treated.

I have a habit of wearing my heart on my sleeve. A perfect day would be going for a walk after dinner and watching the sun set with the person I can't live without. Freedom, health, family and friends are in important to me.
I have learned that I am very patient, tolerant of other people and that it takes a lot to get me angry. I have also learned that we all have our faults. You have to either learn to live with them or move on.
I am very unique in my ways, a good listener, who loves to laugh and enjoys all what life has to offer. I don't stress the small stuff and am just an all around pleasure to be with. Or so I've been told,LOL.

I identify myself as a follower of Jesus Christ. Therefore, seeking to live honoring Him in what I say and do. I believe, and enjoy being in community with other believers. It brings me joy, challenges, laughter, and strength. I hope that I live in a manner that reveals my love for my Heavenly Father and live according to his call and greatest gift he gave me when accepting His son into my life...becoming a son of the King.

Seeking to find friendship that can grow into a relationship and then marriage.

Sport, Music, Movies, Nature, Adventures