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What's the difference between inlaws and outlaws?..........outlaws are wanted ;)


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5' 11" - 180cm

141 lbs - 64 kg




Trying to quit

Only in company


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Alright where to start, I guess we will begin with the fact that I'm no super star I will not sit here and fabricate a bunch of non sense to try to impress you and when/if we meet up you find that it was all bullshit I am just a regular guy looking for a regular girl. Now to the defining attributes that make me "unique" I enjoy reading and discussing social and political standings on various if not all subjects. I'm no expert however I am knowledgeable and if I do not understand a subject matter I will look into it until I possess a fair understanding of it, I value facts over assumptions. I like in my down time to play games such as Dark Souls series,Fallout 4,The Last of Us, Dying Light to name a few. I also have a fondness for Anime mostly the romantic comedies because they have some of the best stories you will ever hear/see. Okay there are some of the things I am into, now onto my personality I'm honest, love to have fun although these days there hasn't been much of that sadly however I am trying to rectify that :) I have a somewhat dark sense of humor nothing too out there, however I am not afraid to venture out of my bonds. I am caring of others sometimes a little too much and it ends up biting me in the ass, I like to give people the benefit of the doubt I give second chances but not thirds the way I see it if you need three tries to get it right, then you don't care enough to begin with. Am I wrong? Alright if you made it this far thank you for your interest I hope everything is to your liking if not I'm sorry I will not change myself for you as I hope you will not change yourself for me I will share with you now one of my flaws I hope it will not be a deal breaker :) I suffer from Epilepsy Gran-Mal seizures to be precise. I am telling you this as a courtesy so you are not caught off guard by it and prepared incase it happens. Well that's all I can think of if you have any questions or wish to know more about me just send me a message if I don't respond right away I am not ignoring you just have not seen or check my messages lately I will try to respond to you as soon as possible again thank you for showing interest and hopefully we can be friends if not something more :)

Okay what I am looking for is a honest, intelligent, caring woman you don't have to be "perfect" because God knows I'm not lol. I want her to be able to challenge me and when I say "challenge" I don't mean like push, push, push but you know like debate with me on various subjects. She doesn't have to be a "gamer girl" but it would be nice if she didn't mind picking up the controller every now and then and play with me and spending time together trying to beat each others high scores I don't mind losing to a girl I am not one of those guys however I won't just let you win either....maybe I don't know lol. Also if you liked Anime that would be awesome cause I would finally have someone to share that passion with. I think this is enough for now I don't want to come off as picky yeah know I like to think of myself as being open-minded but I will say if you have one or two of the qualities listed above you are already aces in my book which means it can only get better :) Oh I almost forgot I don't mind if you have children either just thought I would throw that out there in case you were wondering.

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