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5' 4" - 163cm

121 lbs - 55 kg







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i am a simple person who like nature and want to learn something new but, careful to be the safe guards. I do have patience and slow to anger and I usually find out if it does not contravene to my christian values. I wish to excel in my endeavour by persistence corrections and studies. My ideal woman may find me interesting for my closeness and humidity but, I do take critical view before I respond to a request or question about my LOVER even issues I may not be able to solve.I do agree to be jealous in regards to another man trying to temper with my most precious (LOVER). i pray for my own which will not fail .

Appearance is somewhat essential yet, I do not discriminate what GOD had created in his image. A woman prepared to abide with one man is an ideal person for to replace my lost rib. Somewhat fat or slim is acceptable but, my preference is one who cam make me smile. She must be able to sing gospels, hymnals and share stories together or be prepared to learn. i prefer we put similar texture and colors to church or ceremonies also, do snap photographs together. Reciprocal love and respect is required for a successful marriage. A woman with a disability but, faithful is more splendid to me than a club or disco girl. Woman are precious if one find a good sweet fruit in the garden of eden.

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