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I am an adventurer at heart and looking for someone like that.


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 10 days ago

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5' 5" - 165cm

110 lbs - 50 kg



Light Blonde




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I came to earth to be a healer. As a child I was highly intuitive, but my circumstances repressed these innate abilities and interfered with my development. After a lifetime of learning and growth, I am now ready to reach for, and embody my full potential. To come this far I have had to experience horrific events, and have come to know pain, fear, suffering and despair firsthand. I believe this uniquely empowers me to understand and walk beside those who walk in the darkness where I once dwelt.

I am looking for someone who needs, as I do, someone to stand behind them when they need courage, to be beside them when they are taking risks and to lead the way when they want to hand over the reigns for a little. I love taking care of people and would love to find someone to care for and who wishes to share their unique perspective of life with me.

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