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Looking for someone special


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6' 0" - 183cm

209 lbs - 95 kg





Only in company


Extra Information

I know you are out there somewhere.
I have only been in Montreal for a little over 3 years. I have friends at work, but not friends that I go out and do anything with.
Maybe if I meet the right woman that will change.

I am not financially secure, if that is what you are looking for as I live pay day to pay day like most people.
I do not own my own house, and live in a small apartment which is more than enough for my needs.
As much as I would love to travel, that is not a priority for me.
Some women also think I am a suit and tie guy, but I am not. I wear dress pants and a dress shirt to work, but that is only because I have to.
I am a jeans and t-shirt kind of guy.
I am not in to fancy restaurants, as I would rather go to Wendy's than some fancy place downtown, or better yet, stay home and cook a nice meal, and yes, I can cook, up to a point :-)

I do not go for long walks or hikes, as I would rather go for a long drive,
Some days I just jump in the Jeep and take off for the day in no particular direction.
As a hobby I make unique end tables and coffee tables and drive around to see what I can find for materials.

I am looking for someone special to spend time with.
I am not looking for a one night stand, but want someone to share interests with, who enjoys doing what we both enjoy.

Music, Nature