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5 Ways to Improve Your GoFish Dating Profile – Today

Would you like more people to contact you on Gofishdating.com? Having a great profile is simply the best way to attract the attention of others. But how do we define ‘great’? What makes an attractive profile, one that gets lots of attention?


In this article, we’ll look at five ways you can update your profile, today! Most of these things are ‘common sense’, but it’s worth going over them again.


Step 1: Update your profile photograph, or add more. People have short attention spans, and the photos are the very first thing they look at when searching profiles. Is yours fuzzy, out of date, too dark or light? Or is you face a bit gloomy, unfriendly? Profiles that get the most attention have a clear and sharp photo of someone with a friendly smile. Upload a photo where you’re reasonably close to the camera. Photos taken from a long way away make your face hardly recognisable.
If you haven’t got any photos you’re happy with, maybe pay a professional photographer to take some, or find a friend who’d be happy to help.


Step 2: Update your profile information. We check thousands of profiles every week, and many of them unfortunately have dull and uninteresting text. Other people are going to skip to someone else’s profile if yours just has boring content. Re-write your profile to present the sides of you that are likely to be most interesting to others. Mention your passions, hobbies and interests. Above all, try to keep away from bland, generic statements.


Step 3: Fix that headline! Your profile headline is the first or second things people look at when searching. Avoid common words like ‘Hello’, or ‘Love my life’ in the headline. Try to find something snappy and unique that will capture the interest of someone. Think of how newspaper headlines attract attention! Yours should be short and simple and make the reader want to learn more about you. If you’re stuck, take a look at other people’s headlines, to give you some ideas for yours.


Step 4: Check spelling and grammar. Yes, this is the boring bit! But some people searching our dating site are fussy about this, particularly if there is a mis-match between what you say, and how you say it. For instance, if you say you’re an engineer, and yet your spelling and grammar are lousy … then this raises alarm bells for the other person. Too many inconsistencies in your profile, will probably mean the person skips to someone else’s profile.


Step 5: Use humor. People love to laugh. And if you can raise a smile or get a giggle from the person viewing your profile, it will work in your favour. Of course, it pays to make jokes that are rude or offensive. If you enjoy laughing, then ensure your profile text reflects this. If you can make the person viewing your profile smile or laugh, it’s likely they will want to contact you.