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Five Simple Ways to Spice up Your Online Dating Profile



By Charles L. Jackson


If you want more success with online dating, it’s a good idea to have profile text that grabs people’s attention.


Here’s five simple ways you can improve the text on your profile. 




People generally love humor, and they find funny people attractive. Just make sure that you’re funny in a cool way. That your profile is not overloaded with dumb jokes.


Maybe what makes you laugh, will make someone else laugh too. And that might be reason enough for them to contact you.





Profile text doesn’t have to tell your whole life story. But it does need to capture the flavor of you, and do it quickly. So think carefully about your first few lines. They have to be short, sharp, and capture something special about you. 


It’s like a headline for a news story. It has to be something that makes the visitor to your profile want to read more. 





Plenty of profiles on this site are all fairly plain vanilla. You certainly don’t want to be like them. You want your profile to be interesting, fascinating, and able to draw people’s attention.


It is a unique profile when it is different to everyone else’s. That can be hard. But think about what makes you special, and how to put that into words. Maybe you have a passion for a particular sport or hobby? Maybe you collect stuff, that no-one else does?

Maybe you’ve been to some interesting places. Mention all those things. Keep it light, funny, simple and unique.





People these days are used to reading short, sharp sentences. Don’t clutter things up. Make your meaning clear. Mean what you say, and say what you mean. Don’t have really long sentences with lots of commas and punctuation and bad spelling.


Short and sharp is the best way to go, because everyone is in a hurry in the online dating world. They might only look at your profile for 10 seconds. So you have to have something that grabs the attention. And lots of long sentences all bunched together are not a good look. So put spaces between paragraphs and have it really easy to understand. Ask a friend to take a look, and get their feedback on your profile.





It pays to be honest. Honest about your age, where you live. There’s nothing worse than being lied to, especially online.

Be honest about who you are, and who you are not. People find that refreshing. It adds a measure of down-to-earth realism. And if you mix this with what I’ve mentioned above, you’re bound to have excellent profile text.


The overall thing to remember is that you’re selling something. You’re selling YOU. So like a good advertising campaign, you have to ‘sell yourself’ well. You do that by being funny, clear, unique and interesting. And not having a whole bunch of clutter in your profile.


If you follow the above 5 key steps, I’m sure you’ll have more contacts from people browsing your profile.


Best of luck!