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4' 11" - 150cm

154 lbs - 70 kg



Light Blonde


Only in company


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I'm Dillon Thrower i have to admit I am a little bit on the shy side at first. I tend to look a bit serious even though I have a great sense of humor once I open up. I'm a bit private and a homebody at times, but would like to open up to someone once again. I truly believe in being a true gentleman at all times, being respectful to others and acting professionally. I tend to be attracted to shy, reserved guys the most. I truly enjoy kind, compassionate people. There is never a reason to be cruel, ugly and sarcastic to people in this very short life. If we are too busy judging others, when will we have time to love them.

I have not been in a relationship for about 2 years (my choice) but would like to be in one again. I have only had long term relationships in my past but have gotten a bit shy since i lost my partner. I had never been in a negative relationship before and my last one came with many great lessons to learn. I believe that everyone in life, especially difficult people can serve as a teacher to our growth and evolution. If we got nothing out of a past relationship, then it was a waste of time. But we grow and learn everyday from our mistakes and hopefully correct the ones that need correction.

My best attribute is my kindness towards others and my ability to serve. I am a great cook by the way. This is because of my late mother. I'm very open to dating and long term relationship with the right man, even a long distance relationship, etcetera. I am very open minded and believe that when you are totally honest with others about what you want, you might very likely get it.

I am a very normal romatic guy who can have an aggressive side if I need to. I admit that aggression is better in bed or when doing hard manual work. It does not belong in verbal communication. Do not let my shed and dog fool you. :) I believe in treating a man with loyalty, attention, devotion, love, partnership and passion. Men do not leave or cheat when they are getting what they need. I am a bit old fashioned. Men should be able to come home after a long days work to a warm meal, a beer or drink of choice, a clean house, and an awesome night in bed involving great sex and cuddling afterwards. One should never go to bed angry.

I would love to be blessed with the man of my life. Want to know more??? Well, that can’t happen unless you write me...... I am not a paid member, so I am restricted, and can't see who likes or who are interested.. write me: throwerdillon at the google site, Hate playing games??!! Hate being told lies??!! Well, come on…I’M YOUR MAN!!!

I'm look for serious minded man who is ready to love and be love in return, not a game player or hooker! seeking long term relationship with the right man and hope i will find one here.

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