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I'm not here for plays but would love to hear from someone who prays


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5' 0" - 152cm

134 lbs - 61 kg







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I place my mindset to an eternal perspective in the meantime I'm waiting for my suitable life partner. What I expect for my match is someone who puts God first above everything, who values life, treat people right, have a mature disposition, responsible enough and strong when pressed down, someone who can speak his mind without getting to an argument. I consider making new friends too and will see what happens.

I love to cook, sing sometimes, read the bible or anything inspirational, audio sermons. I enjoy walking and outdoors. I appreciate arts,music, architecture and good interiors. I am mixed type of introvert and extrovert person. Simple things makes me happy and I don't demand anyone to be what they are not as much as i don't pretend to be what I'm really not.

If you would like to know more, we can talk on skype just let me know.

I am 39, not getting any younger and would prefer someone who would like to settle down in His time. I'd like to know the person deeply first, talk on skype, meet if possible, before considering anything or getting into a relationship. As I'm a long time Christian, brought up in a Christian way, I would like someone having the same attitude doing what every genuine Christian must do walking the right path. I'm praying that he can be someone whom I can be useful with to the Ministry that all God's people are called to do. I finished architecture, if God willing he happens to be a Christian Architect, I can be of help or If he's in a full time ministry, (Pastor) I can be of help too or maybe, if he's something else I don't know really. Whatever is His will.

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