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Hello: Much Love Is Needed.


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 23 hours ago

Basic Information

6' 0" - 183cm

185 lbs - 84 kg



Dark Brown




Extra Information

I'm a person seeking a serious relationship that will possibly turn into a long term friendship, because true friendships take a long time to cultivate.
Some of my enjoyable activities are: The Art of Love, The Beach/Swimming, Dining Out/Cooking In, and Travel.
My music tastes are eclectic; ranging from R&B, Some Country, Jazz, and Classical, to Old School, Pop, Rock, Top Grammy Winners, and anything with a flowing beat. The Blues tend to slow and sadden, but some songs are really nice.
My personality is: Kind, Compassionate, Understanding, Thoughtful, Humorous, and Playful; but also: Serious, Sober, Realistic, Grounded, Sagacious, Wise, and Strong.
A "Sense of Responsibility usually brings my goals and assignments, to projected fruition.
We will communicate and find our way together, or not; and should be seasoned enough to find love, without domination or prerequisites.
As "Free Spirits, and Thinkers", this template should facilitate our effective communication, interaction, and understanding.
Thank You, for taking the time,
" Mega"

My search is for a meaningful Relationship, that will possibly turn into a long term Friendship.
Any warm, cozy, sensual, passionate, intelligent, equitable interaction, is welcome.
Fun has to be fueled by passion, to complete the circle, of Love.
Let's talk, and plan something together, without wasting the limited time we have left on this planet.
Let's Love.

Computers, Sport, Music, Movies, Nature, Adventures